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Rideau Community Health Services - Telemedicine Services

Rideau Community Health Services is pleased to announce that we will be coordinating telemedicine services for the communities of Leeds, Grenville and South Lanark. Together with our partners we have equipment in Smiths Falls, Merrickville, Brockville, Prescott, Gananoque and Portland.

Through video-conferencing technology, clients can visit with their doctor or specialist (for example, an Endocrinologist or Cardiologist) or allied health care professional such as a Diabetes Educator, Dietician or Social Worker, the same as they would during a face to face appointment. Family care conferences are also another service that is possible to link family members wanting to participate in their loved ones care but are at a significant distance from their loved one.   No more lengthy drives, cancelled appointments due to bad weather, no crowded waiting rooms, or unnecessary travel costs such as parking.  For example, a Brockville resident sees their cardiologist– based in Ottawa– using this technology, a Smith Falls resident visits their Toronto-based dermatologist and a Portland resident participates in a care conference for a loved one that lives in northern Ontario. There are many ways this technology can assist in keeping you and your family healthy.

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The RCHS Telemedicine Services and OTN comply with the requirements of the Personal Health and Information Protection Act, 2004. Clients can expect secure, private and confidential sessions as they would in an in-person appointment.


Referral for Telemedicine:

  • Ask your physician if your referral to a specialist or other health care provider is suitable for telemedicine.
  • The physician/specialist contacts the telemedicine coordinator to arrange the appointment.

Primary Care Providers: please see attached referral form.


RCHS Telemedicine Team

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Our Initial Focus for our Telemedicine Services Development includes:

  • Endocrinology/Diabetes management
  • Mental health/Psychiatry
  • Dermatology
  • Cardiology

Access to other specialties will be added as our program develops and may be available now upon request.

For Frequently Asked Questions about telemedicine services, please click here