The Leeds Grenville Lanark Ontario Health Team (the OHT) wishes to ensure that it will have a robust privacy management program fully compliant with the Personal Health Information Protection Act, PHIPA regulations and privacy best practices.

The OHT has a requirement for the professional services of one or more experienced Privacy Specialists capable of performing all related duties in support of the need for PHI sharing within the OHT and with other HICs in Ontario. This will entail canvassing the existing privacy regimes in all participating HICs and liaising with them on current and projected capabilities. The contractor is to start in July 2022 and the work is currently anticipated to be completed within three months, by September or October 2022. The completion time can be adjusted once the details of the scope and planning of activities is available.

Expressions of interest are requested no later than July 8, 2022. Please see attached statement of work for further details and instructions on submitting an expression of interest.