Rideau Tay Health Link

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What is Health Link?

Health Links is an initiative from the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care that is meant to increase collaboration between local health and community service providers. Initially, this will be accomplished by providing care co-ordination for the most complex and vulnerable health care patients in the Health Link area. Health Links have been formed all across Ontario with funding provided by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.

Rideau Tay Health Link encompasses Perth, Smiths Falls, Lanark Highlands, Merrickville, Westport, Portland and Elgin. It is part of both the South East & Champlian LHINs.

The purpose of Rideau Tay Health Link (RTHL) is to:

  • Improve communication between family doctors, nurse practitioners, hospitals, CCAC and community agencies
  • Improve the patient and family experience including transitions (for example from hospital to home)
  • Reduce the number of people without a primary care provider

Through better care coordination the intent is to:

  • Improve the client and family experience through focusing on the “patient voice”
  • Reduce avoidable emergency department visits and unnecessary hospital admissions and re-admissions
  • Reduce the number of times a person must “tell their story”