The health and wellness of people in our communities depends on strong partnerships and coordinated and accessible services and programs. In cities and towns across Canada, Community Health Centres (CHCs) operate to help make this a reality. They strive to offer accessible and inclusive healthcare for all members of the community. The focus is on keeping people – particularly those who have barriers to accessing health services – in good health.

There are approximately 100 CHCs across Ontario, including Rideau Community Health Services (RCHS). We offer high-quality primary care through a collaborative, team-based approach. Family physicians, nurse practitioners, dietitians, social workers, and other health professionals all work together to provide full-service healthcare to clients.

 We recognize that wellness and education are key – we aim to give you the information, tools and support you need to help prevent potential illness, and to improve your overall health.

RCHS identifies barriers to health, including social and economic influences like income, housing, transportation, and employment, so that we can offer our clients a full spectrum of support in an effort to reduce illness, and improve overall health and well being.

CHC’s, including RCHS are unique in that we respond and adapt to local needs so that our programs and services are based on real needs and priorities in the community. For example, in our region, there are dental health clinics, diabetes clinics, mental health supports and smoking cessation programs, to name a few. RCHS’s health promotion strategy is developed by engaging the communities we serve to identify gaps and develop programming to help bridge those gaps to support better health. This targeted approach to healthcare is one of the biggest benefits of Community Health Centres in meeting the specific needs of communities and individuals.

We remain committed to building a strong collaborative community of care that is focused on equity, empathy and respect for all.