Vision for Health & Community Hub in Smiths Falls

Rideau Community Health Services has been actively planning and advocating for the development of the Smiths Falls Health & Community Hub for five years. The vision of Rideau Community Health Services is to bring the community together to create a welcoming space in Smiths Falls in partnership with health, social, and community agencies. The community connection is a vital element in delivering programs and services. We believe that a health and community hub will improve the experience for individuals and promote greater community health.

Rideau Community Health Services has partnered with local agencies in the health, community and social services sectors for the proposed health and community hub. The "Hub” would be an integrated space that is approximately 30,000 to 40,000 square feet in size.  We would hope to provide indoor and outdoor spaces for the community such as a community kitchen, recreational space, community gardens, and other green spaces.

The Smiths Falls Town Council Committee of the Whole supported unanimously the Town of Smiths Falls working with Rideau Community Health Services to determine if there is opportunity for the project to be developed on municipal land. Currently the project is pending funding approval for a phase 1 planning grant from the Ministry of Health Capital Investments Branch. 

Bringing together organizations and services that reflect local community needs will play an important role in building connections and supporting our community

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