About Social Work Services

Individual Counselling

Client support (18+ years) is provided through short term, solution focused and supportive counselling for a wide range of issues including: stress management, depression, anxiety, self-management and behaviour change.

Advocacy and Referral

Advocacy and referral to community services for specialized counselling support is available.

About Community Support Services

Practical Assistance

Community support workers assist with issues related to the social determinants of health including: advocacy and support with accessing resources, navigating the health system; addressing transportation barriers; social isolation; concerns regarding physical and mental health, assistance and referral for help related to food security, finances and housing.

How to Access Mental health Services

Speak to one of our Community Support Workers about supports and services. Please call 613-283-1952.

Upcoming Groups and Programs

Click here to visit our events calendar.

Resources to help you manage your mental health and wellbeing

Ontario Works Addictions Counselling

Addiction and mental health counseling and referral services to people who request to be referred to the project while on Ontario Works (OW) in Lanark County. This program is private, confidential, and arm’s length from OW.

How to Get Services

Ask your Ontario Works case worker for a referral or call 613-267-4200 ext. 2160

Smoking Cessation (STOP)

One-on-one and group support can be provided to anyone interested in quitting smoking. Counselling and nicotine replacement therapy are available at no cost.   

How to Get Services

You can self-refer by calling 613 283-1952 ext. 247

External primary care providers can also refer.

Please click here for the RCHS Integrated Team Referral Form and Smoking Cessation (STOP) Medical Delegation for NRT Form

Resources to help you quit smoking